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mercredi 23 septembre 2009, par perdiem

Please contact H-ikari Productions, from now on, for the next Sankai Juku tours. Per Diem & Co is still active for the October-November 2017 tour (Europe-Asia-Latin America) and then passes the work to Gaëlle Seguin and her production agency H-ikari Productions in Nantes. Gaëlle collaborated to Per Diem & Co for several years ; Sankai Juku is in good hands !

Check dates of our companies on tour today :
Click on the name of the company and then click on ACTUALITÉS

Founded in 2004 by Pierre Barnier, PER DIEM & Co is an independent production organization in the field of performing arts and more specifically in contemporary dance. Its sphere of activities runs from the production of shows to the organization of international tours.

Internationally oriented, PER DIEM & Co, presents over one hundred performances per year in its dedicated territories of France, Europe, Middle-East and Latin America, thanks to its professional partners network present in more than forty different countries.

Highly concerned to the quality of the artistic and logistic services offered to artists and their companies, PER DIEM & Co is also keen of providing the inviting theaters and festivals the most rigorous and adapted organizational and financial solutions. That’s the reason, PER DIEM & Co profits from this professional credibility enabling it to widen the interest of artists and publics in so many countries in the world.

Pierre Barnier, since 1993, is the exclusive partner in Europe and Latin America for the Japanese butoh dance company

Sankai Juku

Other companies in the past :
Indian dancer-choreographer Shantala Shivalingappa ;
Batsheva Dance Company from Israel
Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company from Salt Lake City which continues the work Alwin Nikolais
great Indian dancer Madhavi Mudgal,
Carolyn Carlson in Latin America,
Paul Taylor Dance Company (USA),
Tero Saarinen (Finland),
Irène Tassembedo (Burkina Faso), etc…
and we are strong supporters of French young choreographer Fabrice Lambert.

PER DIEM & Co office is located in Marseille . PER DIEM & Co is a member of administrative management association Archipel Nouvelle Vague.

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