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mardi 4 avril 2017, par perdiem

After attending a piece of choreography of Ushio Amagatsu of Sankai Juku, audience usually never rises to the exit soon. It is rather an encounter with a man who has explored the existence and poetry for more than thirty years, open to the public as a space of meditation . . . Spectators are even absorbed in the very fine ramification of movement. Strange processes, between hypnosis and vigilance, that invite spectators, to the very heart of mystery of dance. Why does he raise his hand this way, is this to connect himself to the secret of life ?
Rosita Bousseau in Le Monde

SANKAI JUKU was created in 1975 under the direction of Ushio AMAGATSU who belongs to the second generation of Buto dancers ; Hijikata and Kazuo Ono being the founders of this dance form.

Buto transcended the reactions of the “post-Hiroshima” generation in Japan, in the sixties, and launched the basis of a radical approach of Japanese contemporary dance.

In 1975, Amagatsu began a series of workshops in order to find dancers for his newborn company ; from the 30 boys and girls at the beginning, only 3 men remained at the end of the one-year workshop. Sankai Juku was then known as a only-men company.
Sankai Juku literally means the “workshop of the mountain and sea” in reference to the 2 basic elements of Japan topology.

In 1980, SANKAI JUKU is invited for the first time to Europe. Since then, the group has toured throughout Europe, South America, United States and Australia and whole Asia, from its home base in Tokyo.

The group’s first major production was KINKAN SHONEN in 1978. It revealed the new artistic direction taken by Amagatsu who has given Buto a clearer and more transparent image, more telluric too.

For Amagatsu, Buto is not merely a new technique or an academic style, but it tends to articulate the body language in order to find, in the depth of each human being, a common sense, a serene universality, even if, sometimes, it refers to cruelty or brutality. But this perception may be different from one individual to another.

The strength in each individual expression, in each movement, in each inner emotion is self-nourished to the origins of the world to show a passionate apprehension of life and death and universality.
Amagatsu’s personal quest is based on a “Dialogue with Gravity”, which is the title of the book he published in 2001 at Actes Sud Edition.

Today SANKAI JUKU is probably the Japanese company that tours the most worldwide (43 countries, 700 cities). SANKAI JUKU prepares its new works in Japan where all members live. Beside their own tours in Japan and whole Asia, they benefit of (Pomegranates Arts) for their North American tours and Per Diem & Co for the rest of the world...

Since 1993 Pierre Barnier (Per Diem & Co) organizes the tours of the company in Europe, Middle-East and South America and manages Amagatsu’s activities in France and particularly with Theatre de la Ville, Opera de Lyon and publishing company Actes-Sud.

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