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mardi 3 novembre 2009, par perdiem

« From the classical Indian dance technique, will the journey take us to a new form of narrative, to a different way of feeling and living the dance ? Or, finally, is the « Rasa », or « flavour », which emanates from the dance not so different as the apparent contrast in form would lead us to predict ? As much as I am fascinated with delving deeper into the practice of Kuchipudi, my desire to explore the path of contemporary dance is equally compelling. On that path, nothing can compare with the incredible priviledge of working with such great artists, of incarnating the link that brings them together for an evening. » Shantala Shivalingappa

Born in Madras (Chennai), India, brought up in Paris, Shantala is the child of east and west. She was initiated to indian classical dance, at a tender age by her mother, dancer Savitry Nair.

Deeply moved and inspired by Master Vempati Chinna Satyam’s pure and graceful style, Shantala dedicated herself to Kuchipudi, and received an intense and rigorous training from her master.

Since the age of 13, she also had the privilege of working with Maurice Béjart ("1789…et nous"), Peter Brook (she played Miranda in "The Tempest" and Ophelia in "Hamlet"), Bartabas ("Chimère"), Amagatsu ("Ibuki"). She is still dancing with the Pina Bausch’s company ("O Dido", "Néfès", and "Bamboo Blues). Such experiences make her artistic journey a truly unique one.

Today, Shantala shares her time between touring, expanding her choreographic work in the Kuchipudi style, and collaborating with various artists in the exploration of dance, music and theatre.

Per Diem & Co was Shantala Shivalingappa’s producer from 2006 to 2013.

Please contact her new producer in France :
[H]ikari :: : 50 rue Fouré : F-44000 Nantes :: : :: : +33(0)972 349 728 Gaëlle Seguin :: : - +33(0)612 500 640 :: : skype :

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