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10. Présentation EN


dimanche 8 novembre 2009, par perdiem

Fabrice Lambert leads Experience Harmat since 2000, a company that gathers artists from all kind of different fields involved into movement, body as a writing expression, and its environment.

Born in 1974 in Grenoble, France, Fabrice Lambert graduated for CNDC (Centre National de Danse Contemporaine) in Angers in 1996. He then founded with school friend Yuha-Pekka Marsalo, from Finland, L’ Expérience Harmaat and they created then Ethogrammes and Etude pour 4 mouvements (1997). Fabrice has been part of Kubilaï Khan Investigations (96-98), and was dancer in Carolyn Carlson’s company (97-98). In 1998, he joined Catherine Diverrès at C.C.N in Rennes, until 2002. Since 2000, he is involved in researches and creations within l’Expérience Harmaat leading collaborations with plastic artists, video artists, dancers, producing No body, never mind (2001), TOPO (2001), Le Rêve (2002), Play Mobile (2003), Im-posture (2004), Abécedaire (2005), Meutes (2006), Gravité (2007) et D’EUX (2008).

Fabrice Lambert was artist-resident at Scène Nationale Le Manège in La Roche sur Yon from 2003 to 2007.

Per Diem & Co does not book Fabrice Lambert’ tours but strongly supports his works as one of the most promising French choreographers.

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